NCPG Board Member Values



What is an NCPG Board Member? 

An NCPG Board Member is a member of the Guild in good standing who engages in the spirit of collaboration to help run the guild. A Board Member is chosen by members to serve the Guild; to help with the overall health of the organization, to support and contribute to the development of sustainable practices, and to help best strategize for the Guild's future. A Board Member must fulfill criteria based on the Guild’s values regarding collaboration and teamwork. A Board Member must fulfill expectations in regard to attending meetings and representing the community of members.


NCPG Board Member Values

An NCPG Board Member must be a team player. The NCPG is a place for learning and sharing the passion of puppetry. It is a supportive group of artists, educators, and enthusiasts who share common values when it comes to working together, problem-solving collaboratively, and supporting one another in the spirit of community and collaboration.  


Responsibilities for an NCPG Board Member

An NCPG Board Member is required to:


1. Attend all board member meetings.

2. Volunteer time and energy to do important tasks as needed.

3. Be a team player.

4. Come up with creative solutions.

5. Leave the drama on the stage and out of the organization.

6. Vote in Elections.

7. Vote on decisions that affect the trajectory of the Guild including how Guild funds will be used, possible scholarships awarded, and fundraising opportunities. 

8. Act in a fiscally responsible manner.